Squeezing to Menorca


Although I can doubt for a moment, it will be difficult to make the most of the island. If you are looking for reviews online, you’ll find many versions of the same trails Mediterranean Menorca.

Some speak of the unfathomable tranquility of the place, its natural beauty, its history, its pristine beaches, its festivals, its people, although important, will always be many visitors to Menorca, carry a good memory, millions of anecdotes to tell and the melancholic desire to return.

Bathe in its beaches. There are 16 artworks of the same sea. Many of these beaches are hidden and hidden among pine trees to reach these, you may need to go drive and even walk through the wilderness, the most beautiful are the remotest where sesa noise, of who we think we are and can be free.

You can admire the beauty of Menorca in his disturbing contrasts, devised on the landforms of location, while Cala Turqueta, is characterized by its fine sand and blue waters, while Cala Pregonda, shows a beautiful red inhospitable waters.

Soaking for its beaches, is a luxury that you can not miss, given the transparency of its waters, the hidden history of their rinconces meters deep, as always retaining its characteristic contrast between south and north.