Menorca Exotic Paradise The Unlikely

I invite you to a place of beautiful scenery in the midst of a Mediterranean ecosystem, with different characteristics, unique vegetation, pristine beaches, animals in danger of extinction, especially on a large stretch of beach, just over 124 miles. Menorca is both an area of ​​Natural Reserve of the UNESCO, Man and Biosphere program, which aims to raise awareness to humanity about the importance of exercising sustainable development, as Menorca is an example of the perfect communion between human beings and nature. Because Menorca is the island that lies to the north of the Balearic Archipelago Ballears, is strongly influenced by the Tramontana winds, very inspiring globally representative artists such as Salvador Dalí, Ramon Llull and even Gabriel García Márquez. But these winds, when faced with the unfathomable density of the Mediterranean Sea, come to form a dew effect salínico dehydrated fauna its northern part, exuberantly making a unique landscape, which in turn is totally different to the south side of the island. Another of the many attractions of Menorca are undoubtedly its coral reefs, which it shares with its neighboring islands, however what makes it even more special is that in the north, there were some reefs that were on the surface before and after a while the island was submerged millions of years so that you can find unique lands that do not exist anywhere else does. Therefore Menorca is an inevitable destination for anyone wanting to disconnect from everything and turn into a world of new experiences that will certainly change your perception of everything else.