Menorca Heritage for Humanity

Taula Menorca

For those who know Menorca may not sound at all unreasonable that the island is a strong candidate for UNESCO ratified in 2016, as a World Heritage for Humanity, because literally that beautiful corner of reveries and exquisite contradictions, is a museum outdoor full of archaeological pieces inherited a thriving prehistoric culture called Talaiotic. 1574 pieces are exactly unabashedly deployed around the pasiaje. Sure is protected by local laws in Spain.

The Culture Talaiotic prior to the conquest of the Roman Empire left a priceless legacy. Its robust construction largely based on huge rocks as their representative shrines, called Taulas, leave you speechless when you heard that although no specific timeline is called the Taulas could have more than 3000 years, since the culture Tayalótica resided on the Island since 2500 BC, these archaeological pieces could easily be considered the most representative of Mediterranean prehistory icon.

Cyclopean Construction

Another important but not exclusive property of the artifacts of Talayots is awesome Cyclopea Construction technique, which consists of gathering stone upon no other material in order to build a structure as Navetas, which were the burial sites of the Talaiotic culture, the most representative, the Aisle d’es Tudons, which also holds the title of the oldest building in Europe.

Naveta from Tudons Menorca
Naveta des Tudons

Come to Menorca

Come and meet yourself Menorca, our pristine beaches, our people and our ancient cultural heritage Talayots son to the world.


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