Menorca and its Beaches For All Tastes

Beaches for all tastes in Menorca

Menorca is an island paradise, with many charms that easily fill the expectations of its visitors for countless reasons, even beyond its beaches. This statement may sound a bit exaggerated starting from the fact that Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza together. But it really is not like that, for lovers of nature, or of history, for athletes with desires to travel paths with unlikely scenarios, for want only to enjoy the peace that is breathed on the island, definitely, Menorca in use excellent option.

Menorca and its Blue Flag Beaches

The blue flag is an award that is given internationally to beaches and ports that meet a series of environmental conditions and facilities such as compliance with water quality standards, safety, the provision of general services and management of the environment.

The following beaches currently have the recognition of blue flag in Menorca

Cala Galdana in Ferreries, Son Bou and Cala en Porter in Alaior and Punta Prima and Binibèquer, in Sant Lluís.

Beaches of Menorca with cliffs to make jumps

For bathers interested in fun and jumping, in the midst of rugged environments, reddish sand, as well as pristine beaches, pristine blue, tramontana winds, there are also interesting options, in menorca,

Cala en Brut, Escull de Pregonda, Cala Mitjana, Islote de Binicodrell y Cala En Turqueta

Nude Beaches of Menorca

In Menorca, nudism is a widely used practice, the following are the beaches where it is more usual, “free of all clothing”

Cala in Calderer, Playa Capifort / Cala Presili, Playa Tamarells, Cala Mesquida, Platja de Binigaus, Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam, Cala Trebalúger, Cala Macarelleta


The 10 Most Remote Beaches of Menorca

It is normal to long for beaches without so much tumult of people, especially in the days of season, for this reason for the most demanding, the following list goes, where it will be more difficult, to meet many people and enjoy the peaceful Menorca that we love.

Cala del Pilar, Cala Pregonda, Cala des Bot, Cala Tortuga, Cala Macarelleta, Cala es Talaier, Cala Trebaluger, Cala Excorxada, Cala Pudent, Arenal des Moro

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