Mallorca or Menorca, what is the best option?

Menorca o Mallorca

Mallorca or Menorca, these islands have a pleasant climate for at least 300 days of the year, they also offer a negligible sum of 12 hours with daylight, in the summer!

These two islands offer varied and incredible attractions, for a memorable vacation, but hey, it offers specifically each, or perhaps it would be worth it, take advantage of a holiday period to visit both islands.

This pair of islands have many things in common, discover which one could adapt more to your expectations with the following 2 answers to the following questions, what we will be asking.

What most excites you about your vacation is the beach?

Beaches of Mallorca

Playas de Mallorca

In this sense Mallorca has more than 200 beaches and 555 km of coastline, including the menu from beaches full of amenities, easy access, as well as pristine beaches, quiet, full of overflowing nature. Undoubtedly, for those who know the Caribbean may note that there is nothing to envy to any beach in the tropics

The main attraction of Mallorca, versus Menorca is the great extension of some of its beaches, for example, Es Trenc has about 2 km of crystal clear waters.

Another important Majorcan beach in our opinion is Port de Pollensa, which looks like a postcard beach, with the Tramuntana hills in the background, but at the same time, it has many varied bars and restaurants, a marina, as well as an infinity of attractions aquatic

The only thing that we would emphasize is that the beaches of Mallorca, have in general more visitors than those of Menorca and this could be somewhat uncomfortable, especially in high season.

Beaches of Menorca

Playas de Menorca

Although it sounds incredible, Menorca has even more beaches than Mallorca, it offers more variety in a smaller space and lower population density,

These overflowing beautiful beaches, in all kinds of imaginable combinations, stand out more than anything, for being a tribute to passivity and relaxation.

For its small extension of just 697 kilometers, it is ideal for walks and seekers of beautiful, recondite and varied landscapes.

Within the most well-known beaches is Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella, its smaller cousin Cala Macarelleta, just 15 kilometers from Ciudatella.

Does the idea of ​​visiting beautiful cities seem good on vacation?

Cities of Mallorca

Ciudades de Mallorca
La Seu Catedral Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital of the island and also the most populated of the Balearic Islands, about half of the inhabitants of Mallorca, are concentrated in its capital, for this reason in Palma you will never get bored, you always find things to do.

If you prefer smaller options, you could visit Alcudia, an old town, beautifully preserved, it will undoubtedly be a great excursion for the family.

Cities of Menorca

Ciudades de Menorca
Faro de Favaritx

In Menorca, you can also alternate stunning beaches with excursions to towns and cities. The largest cities are the capital of Mahón and Ciutadella, which have about 30,000 inhabitants, much less than the almost half a million inhabitants in Palma de Mallorca.

Because they are relatively small, the cities of Menorca offer a day of rest. Take a nice walk in the romantic old town of Ciutadella. Or go on a boat trip in the second largest natural harbor in the world, in Mahón.

Soon, more questions and answers about Mallorca and Menorca, what is your best option?

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