Mallorca more than just beaches

Mallorca more than just beaches

Mallorca is the most attractive island in the Mediterranean not only for its stunning beaches and its pleasant climate, although Mallorca is not just beach and sun, you can find endless reasons to fall in love with it, it has a spectacular nature and architecture which attracts and hypnotizes its visitors giving them the desire to live in Mallorca.

Nature that falls in love

Visitors think that Mallorca is just dazzling beaches, the truth is that this island offers a perfect combination of wonderful and biodiverse landscapes and a set of locations each with its attractive touch that will surely leave you wanting to never leave the island.
If we choose between everything that Mallorca offers, one of the best places to put first on your list would be the Sierra de Tramontana, located in the northwest of the island of Mallorca, its current regional capital is Soller, is without a doubt one of the places that most impacts its visitors with its landscapes that seem taken from painting and various entertainment activities, as well as being strategically located between the towns of Soller, Deià, Valldemossa and Esporles, among the best known.

Peoples for lovers of the medieval age

If you are one of the people who love movies or book stories set in medieval times, you will be dazzled by the towns that the island of Mallorca offers you, such as Capdepera, a fortress from medieval times. It rises on the hills on whose slopes, it has built houses that during the year celebrate various recreational activities in its beautiful streets, medieval fairs and cultural events.

If your desire is to live on the island of Mallorca, you can experience visiting its different towns and beaches, I assure you that you will think about staying or enjoying all the amenities offered by the big cities, but set like medieval villages and rural zones.

Soller, more city than town, you will find endless unique architectural sets that the island offers you, you will feel that time stops and gives you a feeling of comfort that many travelers express with great satisfaction.

Mallorca is a dazzling island with a diversity of landscapes, islands, villages, activities and celebrations unique in the world, also if you are one of those travelers who are lovers of outdoor activities, quiet and comfortable locations, you should know the towns of the Mallorca island to not want to leave.

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