5 reasons to visit Mallorca

5 reasons to visit Mallorca

Discover the wonders that Mallorca offers you if you plan to vacation or visit us some days on this spectacular island.

This incredible island is called as Sa Roqueta or la Roquita by its native inhabitants, it was also called as Balearis Maior by the Romans, who classified Mallorca as the largest of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca is the largest and most varied of the Balearic Islands. It has a peaceful climate and in it we can find in less than 3640 square meters everything that you can think of. Below we show you 10 great reasons to visit Mallorca.

Its gastronomy

This is the best place in the world to please your appetite, our very defined gastronomy, without doubt will captivate your palate, someone could say that it is composed of different important events of our history, as well as the passage of different civilizations that passed through the island. It could be said that the Mallorcan cuisine is a perfect amalgam of the variations of climate, the conditions of our soil, as well as the different historical events that marked many different paradigms, which can be tasted in a single journey.

The Ensaimada

Among our most distinguished typical dishes, is the ensaimada, a beautiful composition of flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and reduced lard called saïm. This dish is handmade and for this reason, throughout the island, you can find different minimum variations, but what we guarantee is an unparalleled impression on your palate.

Mallorcan soups

Its main ingredients are bread and vegetables, as well as lean pork or bacon, this essential Mallorcan dish, is usually accompanied with a touch of olive oil, or with a spicy chilli pepper, this dish is served hot and not It is worth mentioning its absolute exquisiteness.

Mallorcan Herbal Liqueur

It should be noted that there is no single recipe, each Mallorcan, has its own composition, because this will depend on the time of year and herbs that are at hand at that time, however at a general level as would a Mallorcan, without much distrust, this liquor is made up of Anís or Casalla, generally 60% of Aguardiente or Cazalla and 40% of sweet anise, the latter will depend on the sweetness of the liquor, This drink is composed mostly in spring, or at the end of the Summer in the month of September.

Its Majorcan Beaches

Mallorca because of its large area and its large number of beaches, more than 300 in total, is the favorite place, for many tourists, in search of white sand and crystal clear waters, such as Cala Major, Formentor Beach, Sa Rapida, Can Pill, incredibly quiet, beautiful, perfect to relax and stop time.

Palma de Mallorca

It is the capital of the island and it gathers a great amount of characteristics that catch the attention of the tourist, for its nocturnal life, the culture and its history.

Palma de Mallorca is a very interesting city, surrounded by narrow streets that surround beautiful and old buildings, which summarize the history of the island, such as Can Joan de S’Aigo, a space that was founded since 1700, where Enjoy the unique Mallorcan patisserie.


This town is located just 30 minutes from Palma Airport, where it will be very easy to contact us, to pick up your rental car with us in Sóller you can practice mountain sports, hiking, has a very delightful combination between beach and mountaineering, you can also Enjoy diving and gastronomy with exquisite dishes from the sea.

The caves

Mallorca is full of caves, it is a paradise for lovers of speleology. The caves and chasms are abundant on the island. Among the most outstanding are those of the Campanet in Campanet, Artá ​​in Capdepera, as well as Coves del Drach, and dels Hams “in Manacor; these caves, due to their saline and brittle conditions, are like a labyrinth of passages, with deep chasms, these caves have unique species of animals very well adapted to the darkness.

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