Taula Menorca

Menorca Heritage for Humanity

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For those who know Menorca may not sound at all unreasonable that the island is a strong candidate for UNESCO ratified in 2016, as a World Heritage for Humanity, because literally that beautiful corner of reveries and exquisite contradictions, is a museum outdoor full of archaeological pieces inherited a thriving prehistoric culture called Talaiotic. 1574 […]

Squeezing to Menorca

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  Although I can doubt for a moment, it will be difficult to make the most of the island. If you are looking for reviews online, you’ll find many versions of the same trails Mediterranean Menorca. Some speak of the unfathomable tranquility of the place, its natural beauty, its history, its pristine beaches, its festivals, […]

Menorca Paraiso Exótico de lo Inverosimil

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Te invito a un lugar de bellos paisajes en medio de un ecosistema mediterráneo, con diferentes características, una vegetación única, playas vírgenes, animales en peligro de extinción, sobre todo en una gran extensión de playa, poco más de 124 millas. Menorca es a la vez un área de la Reserva Natural del programa de la […]

Menorca Exotic Paradise The Unlikely

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I invite you to a place of beautiful scenery in the midst of a Mediterranean ecosystem, with different characteristics, unique vegetation, pristine beaches, animals in danger of extinction, especially on a large stretch of beach, just over 124 miles. Menorca is both an area of ​​Natural Reserve of the UNESCO, Man and Biosphere program, which […]